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İngilizce Seviye Testi 1

1) I ________ a student and my brother _______ a doctor.
2) Is this ______ book ? No,it is ________ book.
3) The dog is ______ the cat.
4) __________________? -They are called glasses in English
5)What time is it? 08:25
6)I ___________ (watch) a film so I can not speak to you right now.
7)My parents _______(not/live) in Istanbul. They ________ (live) in Ankara
8)I usually don’t work ______ Saturdays and have my breakfast _____ 10:00.
9)_________________? My brother works in England.
10)We don’t need _______ carrots but we need ______meat.
11)I can’t dance. My sister can’t dance _________ .
12)What are you going to do next weekend?
13)I _____(write) a letter to my friend last week but I ____(not/write) a letter to my family.
14) ___________________? I read that book because I had an exam .
15)Past tense of the verbs ; say , feel , and think are ,____ , _____, and ____.
16)He ate what he could, and gave the __________ of the food to the birds.
17)Which one do you like better? _______________________.
18)Gold is __________ than silver. (expensive)
19)_______________________? Yes I’d like to.
20)Put the adverb in the correct place. What do you do on Saturday night? (usually)
21) ___________________? I went to a concert .
22)How many days _________ in a week?
23)_____________________? There is a little
24)_____you _______ to Australia. No I _____________ there.
25)I don’t like pizza. _______________.
26)He is the _________ student in the school.
27)___________________ ? It is about 8848 meters high.
28)Are you doing anything tomorrow night?
29)Cem – 1.80 cm Can – 1.65 cm
30)__________________? Not very often.I go to the dentist twice a year.
31)Has the movie started?
32)Throughout his childhood, he suffered from ________ illnesses.
33)___________________? Yes I used to have a part –time job.
34)Which one is the indirect form of the question : ‘’Where is the nearest post office ?
35)Make a wish about the statement, “Life is difficult.
36)I _________ (not/go) to China with them last summer. I __________ (never/be) there
37)Which one gives the correct sequence of adverbs?I get up early at 8:00. _______ I take a shower.______ I get dressed. ______ I eat my breakfast and ________ I turn off the radio. _____ I leave home.
38)Would you mind ________ (close) the door please?
39)This bag is used _______ books.
40)The girl is wearing a pink shirt. She is my sister.
41)If my landlord _______ the rent again, I ______.
42)Choose the correct passive form of the sentence : Cervantes wrote the novel Don Quixote
43)I __________ (watch) TV,when my father_______(come) last night.
44)She _______(have) driving lessons for a couple of months
45)How ______ you feel if John ______ you to marry him
46)Ann : I haven’t spoken to Mary since last week, Gloria.
47)Andy : Don’t say anything to Chris
48)After the battle the_______ soldiers were helped by those who could walk.
49)Our house was ________ by thieves last night.
50)I can’t stand it __________________.
51)“A doctor is better paid than a housepainter.” Means;
52)You want to use a friend’s computer, so you say :
53)He suddenly _______ (realize) that he_______ (travel) in the wrong direction.
54)“The tablecloth is torn” means ;
55)Acid rain, has damaged the life in rivers and lakes. (passive)
56)“ The painter painted my house.” Means;
57)I’d prefer _________ (play) the guitar to _______ (play) the violin.
58)By the end of this year I __________ (complete) writing my new book
59)Tom __________ (help) you if you_________ (ask) him to yesterday
60)Too many people are starving, ___________?
61)People _________ to eat chips in the cinema.
62)Too many people are starving, ___________?
63)The woman was away. I wanted to see her.
64)She must find a repairman because her roof _______________.
65)This book is too __________. I don’t understand it.
66)There is an index __________ of this book
67)She denied _________ (steal) the money.
68)They shouldn’t allow smoking in restaurants.
69)_______ the many hardships they had to face, the swimmers managed to reach their destination.
70)Next month he __________ here for two years.
71)Mary didn’t study for the test, ________ she did very well.
72)Two men _____on the bridge were injured yesterday afternoon.
73)There will be even greater unemployment__________ the government radically alters its policies.
74)I shall say no more _________ be misunderstood.
75)He was late to work. He _________ a taxi instead of waiting for the bus.
76)_______ he was tired he went on running.
77)She didn’t help me _______ she was very busy
78)________ you repair the roof or I will!
79)Do you know the beautiful lady _______?
80)What are they doing to that old building? It______________________________.
81)If you __________ to me, you _______ in this situation today.
82)He succeeded in passing the driving test at his second ___________.
83)She is a very selfish girl who doesn’t show much ____________ for others.
84)The problem was too hard for me. I had to __________.
85)He is getting on with his work. Getting on means
86)__________ is to study Russian.
87)I ate two sandwiches, __________ were delicious.
88)“ The dress is exactly what I need.” -Would you consider ________ it then?
89)“ ________ he does his work, I don’t mind what time he arrives at the office.
90)Hardly ________ the harbour when a storm broke out.
91)The ________ the thief is caught, the happier everyone will be.
92)The students _________, did very well on the test.
93)It’s time you __________ smoking.
94)You’ll have to meet with your boyfriend this evening_________ you won’t be able to see him for several months _________ he is going on a business trip.
95)Bill spent so much money at the market yesterday,___________________.
96)_____________ , he realised how wrong he had been about the Browns.
97)______________ the problem, I was able to correct it.
98)It is unlikely that I will be the first to congratulate him on his success. ( Paraphrase)
99)________ materials break easily.
100) Sandy does not have the right ____________ for that job.
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